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Data Literacy

These are resources that will help you gain additional data literacy skills.

Data Camp.  Data Camp provides hundreds of courses in data science.  They have online courses for all levels. 

A great resource for developing and building a data culture.  I'm a fan of their free webinars,  

Data Storytelling

These are resources that will help you create more effective data stories.

  • Annotation Toolkit.    This chart annotation toolkit from is free.  It is 155-pages full of visualization ideas.

  • Big Idea Worksheet.  This worksheet from Storytelling with Data is a helpful starting point in planning your data story.

Volunteer Leadership

These are resources that help you be an effective leader of volunteers.

  • AL!VE.  The Association for Leaders in Volunteer Engagement is a membership based site that provides education, resources, and services for promoting an engaged volunteer experience.

  • VSys One by Bespoke Software.  VSys One is an exceptionally robust and stellar volunteer management solution.  

  • VSys Voices.  VSys Voices is the professional development service of VSys One providing valuable advice for volunteer managers.  Webinars and downloadable templates are available.

Website and B2B

These are tools that have or are being successfully used in the development of this website.

  • Mangools.  This has been a great resource to learn and apply  SEO knowledge.

Recommended Reading

  • Data Story by Nancy Duarte.  A resource rich work on data storytelling.  Nancy Duarte provides clear direction and many example.  Anyone creating data visualizations needs this in their library.

  • Effective Data Storytelling by Brent Dykes.  This book goes deep into the storytelling well.  Brent Dykes explains the psychology of storytelling and makes the relevant connections to data.  A must read.​


Insights on Communication and Data

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