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Data Storytelling Essentials program artwork depicting all six essentials.

Numbers to Narrative Training

Navigate effortlessly from data planning to impactful presentation.  Data Storytelling Essentials delivers concise, informative content covering everything from planning to presenting a data story. 

Our method is tailored for clarity, offering hands-on communication training designed to empower business leaders.​

Data Stortelling Essentials video

Bridging Data and Dialogue

Data Storytelling Essentials is comprised of six program areas that contribute to the data storytelling process.

Each element is essential to the data storytelling process, and all the elements are equal and necessary for the effective communication of data.

Each of the six Data Storytelling Essentials elements is unique and can be explored on its own. However, each Data Storytelling Essential is shaped by the other elements, and data storytelling is best understood when all six of the essential elements are understood. Each program area provides foundational knowledge, tools and actionable takeaways that learners can begin using immediately, and resources for further learning.

charts and graphs on a table

Data Visualization

Show don't tell. We give business leaders the tools they need to select and design their data message. Be the signal heard through the noise. Data visualization essentials include knowing the right tool to use to represent your data as well as the design elements that go into creating visualizations whether to find insights or to share them.

A storyboard is being sketched in pencil by a visible hand

Data Narrative

The art of the science.  Data storytelling blends the design of visuals with the brilliance of data analytics and the art of narrative.  Part art, part science, we help leaders bridge the gap from simple data sharing to data storytelling.

  • Live workshop

A woman sits at a laptop open to a screen with graphs and charts

Data Literacy

Build a data literate culture.  We give business leaders the confidence they need for today's metric encounters.  Foundational data literacy includes the basic understanding of how to read and interact with data. From data ethics to understanding central tendencies and standard deviation, basic data literacy is an essential tool for exploratory analysis.

  • Live workshop

a standing woman leans over a table to write on something as though planning

Data Communication Planning

Clarify your vision.  Plan with precision. Start your data story by clarifying your precise plan.  Effective data stories start with knowing with whom you are going to be sharing it and for what purpose.  A precise plan is a guide for every other decision in the data storytelling process.

  • Live workshop

A man with obscured face is at a podium delivering a presentation with information on a screen in the background

Data Presentation

Compel your audience.  Presenting with confidence is not less an important business skill than it has ever been.  We help leaders find their voice and deliver it with confidence.  From novice speakers with little to no experience to professionals wanting to improve their delivery, we can help you deliver a message that inspires action.

  • Live workshop

A work team smiles and collaborates at a table strewn with coffee and documents

Data Culture

Teamwork is a business skill that doesn’t go out of style.  Leaders can better the leverage of group synergy through effective collaboration.  We train teams in the essential supportive communication practices needed to foster innovation, iterative process, and intellectual curiosity.

  • Live workshop

Customized Training, Your Way

In today's dynamic world, your unique learning environment matters. Whether you're eyeing an interactive in-person workshop, engaging online webinars, or seeking personalized one-on-one coaching, we've got you covered. 

Customized Training
A room full of conference attendees watches a presenter
graphis of two minds sharing ideas

Executive Coaching

Elevate your communication prowess through our tailored, one-on-one executive coaching. Whether you're honing skills for a specific task or aiming for continuous growth, we're here to guide you. Our sessions ensure you communicate with unmistakable confidence and resonating impact. Ready to leave an indelible mark? Let's connect and craft your success story together.

graphic of a group of people with communication bubbles

Live Workshops

Embark on a transformative journey into communication with PeriscopeBPA's immersive workshops. Experience hands-on activities, gain tools, and master skills in an engaging setting.

Whether it's a concise half-hour session, a comprehensive three-hour session, or a multi-day immersion, content is tailored to resonate with your team or conference. 

Virtual Learning

Enhance data communication through PeriscopeBPA's online instruction.  Already included as part of live in-person workshops, online course offerings are also ideal for use as a standalone course or in combination with a live webinar for optimal scheduling flexibility for your, your organization or trade association. Each course delivers essential insights and practical actions.

See program list for available course offerings.

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Elevate your organization, conference, or trade association with training that truly fits. Don't miss out—reach out to us and let's make learning memorable together.

Insights on Communication and Data

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