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A periscope coming up out of the water which is a sea of data code
​"A periscope is an instrument for observation over, around or through an object, obstacle or condition that prevents direct line-of-sight observation from an observer's current position" 


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Headshot photo of company owner Roseanna Galindo

Roseanna Galindo, Principal

Roseanna Galindo, ECBA, CAVS, is the founder of Periscope Business Process Analysis and a seasoned leader with over 16 years in healthcare and 30 years in volunteer administration. Her work bridges business analysis and communications to help organizations achieve measurable outcomes. Notably, she developed the Volunteer Satisfaction Index (VSI), a groundbreaking tool in volunteer metrics, published in the Journal of Social Service Research.


Holding degrees in Media Arts (B.A.)  and Organizational Communication (M.A.) from California State University, Chico, Roseanna has also served intermittently on the faculty for over two decades. She combines her academic background and industry experience to offer impactful communication skill-based workshops and training, all aimed at enhancing data literacy and organizational effectiveness.


Insights on Communication and Data

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