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Transform Decision Making Dynamics 

At Periscope Business Process Analysis, we specialize in transforming the way your teams communicate around the data and processes that drive decision-making.

Unlock the potential of your data-driven decision-making teams

In today's rapidly evolving data-driven business ecosystems, staying ahead means understanding market trends and embracing necessary changes within your organization.  From fostering inter-team collaboration to turning complex data into compelling visual narratives that drive understanding and change, our expertise in communication processes analysis will lead to improved stakeholder engagement and actionable results.

Whether you're initiating strategic planning, assessing the current state, envisioning the future state, or engaging stakeholders, Business Process Analysis (BPA) provides the essential structure and insights needed to enhance your decisions.

Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Place your trust in Periscope Business Process Analysis to guide your organization towards realizing its full potential. With specialization in the healthcare, nonprofit, and education sectors, Periscope BPA is well-equipped to address the unique challenges and opportunities present in these industries.

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Strategic Planning

  • Future State Definition

  • Gap Analysis

  • Change Strategy

  • Solution Recommendation

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Standard Operating Procedures

  • Document Analysis

  • Process Mapping

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Key Performance Metrics

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Stakeholder Engagement

  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Communication Approach

  • Requirement Elicitation

  • Collaboration


Insights on Communication and Data

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