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A picture of the speaker Roseanna Galindo behind a podium

Roseanna Galindo

Keynote & Conference Speaking

Be Inspired in Your Data Strategy

Great leaders are able to turn insights into action.  Discover how to harness the power of a people plus data culture.  Roseanna's highly interactive, engaging, and thought provoking sessions will move the needle on your data strategy.

Data Storytelling Essentials

Numbers to narrative, know the basics of communicating with data, From telling data stories to creating the communication climate that fosters them.

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Intellectual Curiosity

Innovate, don't stagnate.  Cultivate curious minds to drive creative problem-solving and analytical thinking. 

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Volunteer Satisfaction

Measurement matters. Analyze, assess, and understand the impact of the volunteer experience in your organization.

Upcoming & Recent Speaking Events

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2023 | November

New England Association of Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services

Exeter, NH

VSys Voices by Bespoke Software


2023 | October

VSys Voices by Bespoke Software


2023 | September

The Patient Experience Symposium

Boston, MA

VSys Voices by Bespoke Software


The Patient Experience Symposium

Boston, MA

2023 | August

Dana Litwin's Priceless Advice for Volunteer Leaders


2023 | June

VSys Voices


2023 | March

Communicating Your Impact: Visual Storytelling Tools for Volunteer Leaders

The Beryl Institute Elevate PX Conference

Dallas, TX

2023 | February

California Hospital Association

Sacramento, CA

2023 | January

The Beryl Institute


Speaking Events


Insights on Communication and Data

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