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a team of satisfied volunteers with one woman giving two thumbs up

Volunteer Satisfaction Index (VSI)

A Global Gauge

Assessing Altruism

Established in 1999, the Volunteer Satisfaction Index (VSI) has become a pivotal tool in global volunteerism research. Recognized for its robust psychometric properties, the VSI is a trusted measure for assessing volunteer satisfaction.


With references from more than 355 scholars, its applicability stretches across diverse nonprofit realms including Sports, Social, Religious, Emergency, Military, and Healthcare. Its influence is evident in nations such as China, Serbia, Italy, the United States, and beyond.

Organizations seeking to administer the Volunteer Satisfaction Index may  request a rate sheet from the developer.

Galindo-Kuhn, R. & Guzley, R.  (2001) The Volunteer Satisfaction Index: Construct Definition, Measurement Development, and Validation. Journal of Social Service Research,  28 (4), 45-68.

Academic scholars seeking to request use of the VSI for scholarly research may do so by completing the permission request form.

Voluntee Satisfaction Index interview
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