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Venn The Time is Right: Welcome to My Blog

Now is the time and the time is now.

It’s official. I’m a thought leader with a blog. Content creator? I guess so!

Welcome to 2023 and welcome to my blog, and it is about time.

Venn diagram image of domain knowledge areas

This blog is about the things I think, read, speak, and write about. It comes from the intersection of my knowledge domains. I like to say that "I think in Venn diagrams."

I am a business analyst and communications professional with over 30 years nonprofit leadership experience - the last 16 of which were spent championing the human experience in healthcare.


I will share thoughts on the practice of business analysis and the role of data in decision-making. I am a certified Business Analyst through the International Institute of Business Analysis. In 2022, I completed an 18-month certificated course in Data Analytic Science through our local university.

Certificate documenting completion of course

Documentation of IIBA certificate

I will post about the benefits of applying a business analysis approach to healthcare leadership practices. From process mapping to measuring impact, a structured approach provides a clear framework for improving the human experience.


I will use this blog to continue to champion the human experience in healthcare. I have always used data to drive decision-making in hospital leadership. When I entered healthcare in 2006, I immediately found my niche in driving the patient experience forward through volunteer-based initiatives. As a leader in the field of volunteerism, I began to beat the drum of leveraging the impact of volunteers to enhance the patient experience by sharing this message at state and regional conferences.

With the support of my hospital leadership and the highly engaged team of staff and volunteers that I led, initiatives were put into place throughout the medical center to support the patient experience through volunteers. I call it the "whitespace between clinical touches". The downtime, the waiting rooms, the time spent waiting for the next clinical touch - those are spaces that I helped volunteers enter to enhance the patient experience.


I will use this blog to share insights in the measurement of volunteer impact. Measuring the volunteer experience is where I cut my analytical teeth. I was an early

Cover or Journal of Social Service Research

visionary in this space and published what has become a foundational work, the Volunteer Satisfaction Index (VSI).

The Volunteer Satisfaction Index is a carefully developed volunteer satisfaction survey questionnaire with proven reliability and validity. It has been cited in over 300 research publications and used in countless others across the globe. I am excited to re-examine the measure, share new research, and get conversations started.

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At my core, I am a communication scholar and educator. While obtaining my Master's Degree in Communication Studies, I began teaching in the department; something I have continued to do ever since. As an intermittent member of the faculty at both the university and community colleges since 1996, I have taught literally thousands of students how to be more effective communicators.

I am currently fascinated with how data has become the language of business and the need for data literacy. Data literacy includes not only understanding and working with data, but also the ability to communicate data insights in a compelling way.


Put these overlapping spheres of domain knowledge together and what do you get? The answer is: communicating with data about the human experience in both the healthcare and nonprofit spaces. Through data storytelling and visualization, I am now helping leaders to develop clear communication in their presentation of data.

Data storytelling both art and science. The blending of data, visual design, and narrative can get a message through to an audience as a piece of thoughtfully constructed communication.


And, finally, this blog will be about me and my professional journey. I want my professional colleagues and clients to get a sense of my personality as well as my expertise and credibility. I also hope to inspire others to follow their dreams too.

You see, in 2022 I made a radical career pivot. With Covid-19 starting to be in the rearview mirror and a new data analytics certificate in my pocket, I made the immensely difficult, but bold decision to leave my position as a beloved hospital leader and return to the research and teaching. .

I started Periscope Business Process Analysis because I believe I can do more for both the patient experience and the volunteer experience outside of an individual, nonprofit hospital than within. I want to impact real sustainable change by being a voice for data literacy, the human experience in healthcare, and volunteer leaders everywhere. I believe that I can do so by sharing my skills, knowledge, experience, and insights with leaders in healthcare and leaders of nonprofits.


I am a thought leader, visionary, educator, leader, and change agent. I am innovative, intellectually curious, and analytical. I have wisdom and experience and a passion for communicating with data that I want to share. I want to help leaders like you become more intentional in their communication and practices. You have a story to tell and I want to help you tell it.

Through this blog, I plan to provide insights, research, and resources. I will share how-to's, tips, and templates. As an experienced university lecturer and researcher, I will build upon that background in providing useful short lessons and tools for applying what is learned.

Posts will be published once or twice a week prompting a discussion, sharing a resource, or eliciting a response. I hope you find it interesting and informative.


I want to connect with leaders in business, especially those in healthcare or volunteer sectors.

  • Leaders who use data to make decisions.

  • Leaders who want to upskill their data literacy and ‘stay in the game’.

  • Leaders who want to show their impact.

  • Leaders who want to apply a business analyst approach to volunteer program development.

  • Leaders who want to influence change and impact user-experience.

  • Leaders who want to get their message heard and want to have their signal come through the noise.

Interested? I hope so! Thank you so much for stopping by. Comment! Like! Share! Subscribe! Do all the things and spread the word! Don't miss a post!

photo of blog author Roseanna Galindo

Roseanna Galindo is Principal at Periscope Business Process Analysis and a champion for data literacy, the human experience in healthcare, and leaders of volunteers everywhere.

Roseanna is available for training, keynotes, and executive coaching.

Visit for more information or click on the button below to schedule a time to talk

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