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Data Storytelling Essentials: Data Visualization

  • 12Weeks
  • 19Steps
Get a certificate by completing the program.
A cover image to Data Storytelling Essentials: Data Visualization showing 5 business people superimposed onto a bar chart/line graph.  The people are standing and sitting on the chart.

Discover practical tips and immediately actionable takeaways for creating effective data visualizations. • Learn a simple three-step process for creating effective data visualizations • Choose the right visualization tool to best represent the data. • Evaluate the impact of design strategy on graphical representations of data. • Develop data visualizations by applying the three-step process to charts and graphs. Course Includes: • Data Storytelling Essentials: A Practical Guide to Data Visualization (PDF) download • 12 weeks of online course access • 23 mini-lessons, or "steps" • 16 recorded video segments • Data Story Scenario interactive activity • Learner Assessment • Learning Community • Certificate of Completion Estimated Course Completion Time: 90-120 minutes • Time includes 20 minutes of recorded video • Interactive activity time varies per learner.

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